Within School Variation


Using Within School Variation productively in order to improve and learn is a key part of the HRS philosophy. Variation between teachers and Departments can be used to bench-mark against to produce best practice within a school, at the same time as bench-marking the school against other schools. This simultaneous, double bench-marking is what is now axiomatic in the best of the private sector. All sorts of difficult interpersonal, psychological and micro-political issues have to be faced if Within School Variation is to be recognised, acted upon and used productively rather than being hidden away. This section starts to look at these issues.

Presentation 'Reviewing The Project Against Current Knowledge' by David Reynolds for the National Within School Variation Conference, 9th July 2004.

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'Within School Variation: its Extent & Causes', a background paper by David Reynolds for DfES, Spring 2003, presented to the National Within School Variation Conference, July 9th 2004.

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'Tackling Within School Variation', an NCSL Leading Practice Seminar by Colin Conner, 9 July 2004. The NCSL Leading Practice Series.

This report provides a summary of a project undertaken by 24 schools from the NCSL Leadership Network during 2003-2004.  The project explored the issue of Within School Variation with these schools with the aim of identifying strategies by which variation in practice might be reduced.

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