Self-Study Materials

This section of the website contains self-study materials to aid teachers in improving their practice. These self-study units were created in 1996 using Department for Education and Science funding and were revised by David Reynolds in 2001. Click on the units to access them.

Unit 1: Becoming a Teacher: An Introduction

This unit introduces some of the attitudes, knowledge and skills that are needed in professional teachers, helping you to learn through your own experiences. 

Unit 2: Effective Teaching

This unit introduces the bodies of knowledge that exist about how to teach effectively in classrooms.

Unit 3: School Effectiveness and School Improvement

This unit will enable you to: understand the characteristics of schools which are effective in affecting children's development, know how these schools are created through the actions and behaviours of Headteachers and teachers and analyse the extent to which the schools that you relate to are 'effective' in their processes.

Unit 4: Children and Learning

This unit will cover the main aspects of the physical development of children and adolescents, problems of early and late physical maturation for children, the importance of children's relationships with parents, the importance of peer relations and peer popularity, the development of self-concept and self-esteem and other important factors that can affect children's development and learning.