Middle Management Effectiveness


Recent research findings concerning school improvement point towards the importance of enhancing performance at different levels within the organisation in order to achieve greater effectiveness. There is a growing need to focus upon teaching and learning issues at the Departmental and classroom level in order to raise pupil performance.

For this reason, it is important to look at the attributes of effective Departments, which have:

  • excellent leadership and management style                
  • a central vision for the Department and the Departmental subject                
  • good communication within the Department                                
  • good organisation in terms of assessment, record keeping and homework                
  • competent systems for monitoring and evaluation                                
  • collegial decision making                                
  • good internal relationships (personal and professional)                
  • a high level of professional knowledge                
  • a focus upon teaching and learning.

This section contains further information about how to make Departments more effective.

Publications and Resources:

High Reliability Conference Report 2002 - 'Departmental Effectiveness Management and Leadership'

This conference report on Departmental Management and Leadership gives guidance on how to run a Department effectively, offering advice upon the qualities that are needed in a good Departmental Head, how to deal with any problems that may occur and how to interact with other members in your Department, amongst other helpful topics.

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Dr. Schaffer's powerpoint presentation:

Heads of Department

This presentation helps a Head of Department to recognise what needs to be in place in order for a school, and all of its departments, to be effective. It discusses how to identify an ineffective department and how to lead it more effectively to establish a 'learning community'.

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