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The chapters below present the background to and the general findings from the MEPP Evaluation and Teacher Effectiveness study.  The overall effectiveness of the programme, whether or not teacher behaviours, beliefs and subject knowledge affects achievement, and the relationship of some school level factors to achievement and teacher effectiveness are examined.  The results of this new research are found in Chapters 6 and 7, please help yourself.

                                    Chapter 1  - The History of School Effectiveness

                                    Chapter 2  - Teacher Effectiveness

                                    Chapter 3  - Effective Mathematics Teaching

                                    Chapter 4  - Underachievers

                                    Chapter 5  - The Research Process

                                    Chapter 6  - The Main Findings of the Project

                                           Chapter 6, Figure 1

                                          Chapter 6, Figures 2-4

                                    Chapter 7  - Differential Teacher Effectiveness

                                           Chapter 7, Tables 1-7

                                    Chapter 8  - The Effectiveness of the Use of Learning Assistants in Improving the Mathematics Achievement of Low Achieving Pupils in Primary School

                                          Chapter 8, Tables 1-12