Welcome to the ‘High Reliability Schools’ website. This website is a work in progress, and probably 10,000 pages about the project and other school improvement / reform ideas will be available on these pages by Spring 2005. Approximately 50% of the ultimate total is already available here and more will be added each week. We hope that you will find this website a valuable aid in improving your school!

The ‘High Reliability Schools’ (HRS) concept was created in the mid-1990’s as an answer to global calls for school reform, in which many other projects had failed. The HRS project, which developed from this concept, was first implemented in schools in the UK in 1994, using CfBT funding, and since this time, has been achieving a remarkable level of success.

This website has been created to give all schools access to the knowledge, resources and research publications necessary for them to be able to adopt ‘High Reliability’ strategies to achieve vastly improved student learning outcomes.  Sections of the website include the Powerpoint presentations of Professor Schaffer, who resourced the project from its inception with bodies of knowledge about 'what works'. 

The UK ‘High Reliability’ Project was founded by Professor David Reynolds (Exeter University, UK), Professor Sam Stringfield (Johns Hopkins University, USA) and Professor Eugene Schaffer (Maryland University, USA), all leaders in their field of ‘School Effectiveness’ research.

This CfBT and DfES Innovation Unit-funded site was developed by Professor David Reynolds, Professor of Leadership and School Effectiveness at the University of Exeter.